Sunday, June 6, 2010

Review: Woodbridge Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio

A Pair Of Shockers From Woodbridge

Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi makes somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 million cases of wine a year.  Yeah.  8,000,000.  You've walked by shelves and shelves of it at the grocery store, probably ignoring it into invisibility.  It is the red-headed step child of the Mondavi empire from a quality standpoint, but the workhorse from a cash flow perspective.  They sell a lot of this stuff.  Lots.

So when the two pack sampler showed up from their PR firm, into the fridge it went where, like the grocery shelves, it went ignored.  Until yesterday.  Fully prepared to scream "Yech!", the corks were pulled and tastings ensued...

But no yech's were screamed, no sour faces were made....there was no spitting, even.  Huh?  Yeah, these pair were shockers.

2009 Woodbridge Sauvignon Blanc California $7

Looks like Sauvignon Blanc, smells like Sauvignon Blanc...holy shit, it tastes like it, too!  Almost a textbook example of California Sauvignon Blanc with green apple, fresh-cut grass, and slightly tart citrus bite that faded after the first sip.  You'd be hard pressed to find a damn thing wrong with this wine, but definitely serve it cold.  Refreshing, tasty, and inexpensive.  This wine will be finding its way into our shopping cart this summer.  Yours, too, if you're smart.

2009 Woodbridge Pinot Grigio California $7

Almost as much a surprise as the Sauvignon Blanc.  Very neutral, pleasant flavors with enough acids to go well with lighter cuisine.  Perfect for lunches, picnics and the hotter than hell days that are upon us.  And at 12% ABV, it a great mother-in-law wine if you've got to drink what she is.

Both of these wines MSRP at $7.99, but retail for a couple of bucks less depending on your market.  Look for it in the bulk wine section of the grocery store.


  1. I like sauvignon blanc and paid $5.50 for a bottle of this. I opened it up and took a sip and liked the flavor. Not too tart but dry enough. It would taste good to me anywhere and the price is not an indication of its flavor

  2. I bought the Sauvignon Blanc to prepare a recipe calling for a semi dry white wine. My favorite red is Cabernet Sauvignon. I poured a glass, you know, just to taste, and ended up drinking all but the 1 cup the recipe called for. I bought the 2010 for this years Thanksgiving table. I hope the gang likes it.


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