Sunday, July 4, 2010

Think What's In The Bottle Is All That Matters?

The more wine you drink, the more you're able to think past all the marketing hoopla, packaging and whatnot.  After all, what's in the bottle is all that matters, right?


Meet Peter and Amy.  Watch this video.  Still think what's in the bottle is all that matters?  More on their wines in an upcoming post.


  1. That's a beautiful story told very well. Makes me want to participate in their success. Where can I get their wine?

  2. What's in the bottle IS all that matters. Cute story and all, but seriously, how good can the wine be if it's made by a couple of lovesick fools?

  3. Roger - Peter told me that they're selling predominately to the CA market, though you can contact him directly (peterATblacksheepfindsDOTcom) to have wine shipped to you.

    Jeff - The question this piece poses is definitely one worthy of debate and examination, but as far as how good the wine'll have to wait for the review - or order some yourself.



  4. Alison WestroppJuly 06, 2010

    Great video!

  5. Jeff,

    Didn't mean to brush you off with an evasive answer, but the truth is that the evaluating wine independent of slick marketing - or cute lovesick stories - can be a challenge. Last week Fred Swan did a good job summarizing his take on ratings vs. value where he also makes a salient argument for blind tasting. And while blind tasting for evaluation would certainly help avoid the impact of outside-the-bottle influences, there's a counterpoint to this. Enjoyment of wine, just as with any other product, can be magnified when you are participating in something bigger than what the product represents on its own as a commodity.

    Like music with special memories, wines you've enjoyed at the winery, on a special occasion, or made by someone you've met may mean more to you than just juice. Lots to wrap your arms around there and perhaps a good topic for another piece here.

    Finally, I deliberately did not include any comments regarding the quality of the wine with this...let's call it human interest - piece. How good can the wine be if it's made by a couple of lovesick fools? Jeff. So cynical! Are you suggesting that their cuteness, sincerity, and even naïveté count against them as qualifications? Tsk-tsk. The wine industry is full of lovesick fools making kick ass wine. Don't be so jaded, man!



  6. Roger - our wine is at the moment is mostly sold in CA, IL, NY and NC. We are working on expanding the distribution, but we only make about 1,200 cases per year. We can get it to you direct as well, via our website,

    Alison - Glad that you liked the video!

  7. OMG, they are both so cute! What an inspiring and romantic story. I totally want to have a glass of wine with them. ;-)


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