Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In Search Of Value

Value, Value, Where Art Thou Value?

In preparing this month's newsletter (aka the Cheat Sheet), a realization struck: we're a little light on good wines at lower prices.  The truth is that, for all the wine we reviwed in July, it was a month of a few great wines, and a lot of lackluster, often overpriced wine. We certainly reviewed A LOT of wine this month, but not a lot to get excited about.  At least at the lower end of the price spectrum.


Before going on, let's acknowledge that, yes, value exists at every price point.  But in this case value means, well, less expensive

Focus, focus.  Where were we?  Right.  You're looking for that $12 blockbuster whamo wine, the deeply discounted single vineyard 5 star Cab, the insanely concentrated blend redolent of a lover's underpants...Well, so are we.  We're also smart enough to know that there's strength in numbers. 

So, help out. What's your current go-to value wine?  Chime in.  Share the wealth.  We'll seek the wines out, review them, and make fun of you if they suck. 

What could be more fun?  Oh, and thanks!


  1. Bogle Phantom. $15-20 and worth twice that.

  2. Good one, Dave. We haven't seen the 2007 hit the market yet, but the 05 and 06 were great as reviewed here: http://www.winethropology.com/2009/10/wine-review-bogle-phantom.html

  3. The beringer stone cellars cab is good and cheap.

  4. Oh, Kate, I've got to call foul on that wine. Someone else recommended it a few months back and, sure, at $6 it's a steal. But we found it to be, in a word, nasty. I suppose it's possible we got a bad bottle. Maybe we'll give it another try. Thanks!



  5. How about the St Francis Red blend $10 and tasty?

  6. Anything Spanish.

  7. Don't laugh, but Woodbridge, Gallo, and Mondavi Private whites.

  8. With the near collapse of the Aussie wine prices in the US, I go back to Penfolds Koonunga Hill shiraz-cab ($8-10), Thorn-Clarke Shotfire Ridge shiraz ($14+), d'Arenberg d'Arry's Original shiraz-grenache ($14-16), and of course Stump Jump. But I also enjoy the Bogle merlot, pinot, petite sirah and cab at that price point (someone already mentioned the fantastic Phantom), as well as the Cousino-Macul and Louis Martini cabs, the Alamos malbec, the Monte Antico tuscan, and the Borsao red blend. All very drinkable wines!

  9. Krunk - I fell for that one once and spent the next three days in a rehab facility recovering. It cost me way more than 2 bucks.

    Jasen - Love the St Francis Red. In fact we included that on the list of wines to keep on hand for the holidays.

    Greg - While I agree that overall Spanish wine represents a terrific value, it can also be as expensive as any other wines. If you've got some specifics, please share them!

    Anon - I'm not laughing. In fact, we just gave the Woodbridge Sauv Blanc 4.5 stars. Gallo is one of my long term faves for consistency value (stay tuned for more reviews of their vineyard designate wines soon).

    And Chris - THANKS! The d'Arry's is a new one, as is the Cousino-Macul. Amen on all the others.


  10. Aquinas - Cab for $15. Nice Cali cab for the price.

  11. Thanks, Paul. Will add that to the list along with some bargain reco's from Robert Parker: 07 Gallo Sonoma Cab and Rancho Zabaco Heritage Vines Zin.


  12. Turning Leaf! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Elliott,

    I'd tell you to grow up, but that'd probably be useless. Instead I'll tell you to shut the hell up and enjoy a bottle of Turning Leaf Merlot. Yes, Elliott, Merlot.

  14. flyingsquirrelAugust 26, 2010

    Columbia Crest Grand Estates or H3. HIGHLY recommend their reds and Chardonnay.

  15. Thanks, Squirrel. Yes, we've had good luck with the CCGE line, though mixed with their H3s.


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