Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Wealth-Inducing Wine

There are wines which require an eight figure portfolio to acquire.  And then there are those which make the drinker feel like they've got an eight figure portfolio.  The unicorns of wine we seek are those which divine the experience without requiring the riches to obtain.

This is one of those wines.

When legendary wines are spoken of - you know, the stories told in hushed tones of someone who knew someone who had a bottle...that kind of story - they tend to be reds.  And, more often than not, Bordeaux.  For whatever reason, red wines  - certainly more so than whites - seem to have greater access to our emotional trigger points.

Though this is neither red, nor a Bordeaux.

What this is is a white wine that quickly grows roots into the drinker, roots which dive deep and touch at a basal level, leaving the drinker with a sudden sense of wealth.  Yes, a sense of wealth.  Not in terms of portfolio valuation, but wealth of fulfillment, satisfaction, and contentment.  That's right, contentment.

The 2009 La Follette Chardonnay Sangiacamo Vineyard ($30) is no stranger to us.  It was reviewed here just a few months ago.  It is a rare occasion that we revisit the same wine twice, yet here we are.  (Let that serve as evidence notice of how impressed we are with this wine - and how highly we recommend it.)  That review described it as "High class...Golden color, alluring, rich nose, and the fulfilling refinement that only the very best California Chardonnay can deliver.  Hits all the pleasure points - visceral and intellectual..."

What else is there to add?  Nothing from an empirical or observational perspective, but any beverage that has the capacity to make you feel like this is worthy of your prompt attention. 

Greg LaFollette is earning a reputation in wine circles as something of a vine whisperer.  His adherence to biodynamic practices, disciplined winemaking techniques, and craftsmanship are spoken of with reverence.  Find out why by picking up a bottle.  It will also demonstrate what heights California Chardonnay can achieve in the right hands.


  1. Well, for $30 it ought to be great.

  2. Ali,

    Totally agree. All wines at this price should deliver an unforgettable experience. But you might be surprised at how few do - even at much higher price points, too.


  3. Ditto Alison's comments. $30 is too rich for my blood.

  4. Thanks for chiming in, Aldo.

    In the final analysis, wine is an intensely personal and subjective experience. Let me paint a picture for you to explain why this wine is worth every penny:

    It's six o'clock on a Saturday evening. The lawn is mowed, the kids are fed, and your spouse is in a good mood. You're on the front porch where it's 70 degrees, sunny, and no humidity to speak of. It's a pretty stellar evening and you're about as happy as you could be. Then you take a sip of this cool, rich, delicious nectar. Suddenly, everything changes. What was already good is now great. You quietly survey your lot in life and while things can always be better, you focus instead on what a lucky bastard you are. Another taste and your cup overfloweth with gratitude. You are almost distracted from your reverie by the wine - almost, but not quite. Your wife smiles at her own glass, then, silently, at you.

    I don't know what your faith's definition of heaven is, but for me, this is pretty close.

    $30 for an experience like that? Chump change. Enjoy.


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