Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cameron Hughes Lot 229 Petite Sirah

Keeping it brief this time.

Love to see that CH is bringing this underdog of a variety to its customer base.  Half a shade lighter than crude oil and almost the same viscosity.  Classic quality PS characteristics: bone dry, teeth-coating tannins, and watch-out-for-that-white-blouse inky color.  A masculine, full frontal assault on the senses.  But then there's this boisterous fruit component that doesn't so much compete for face time with the brick house structure as it does dance on its roof.  Fun, not serious, and easy to warm up to.  Nothing terribly refined or profound about it, but at $13, there's a lot to love here.  Best guess on sources: August Briggs in Calistoga and Black Stallion (?) in Oak Knoll.


  1. I am thinking Biale as the wine source.

    1. Good guess - I thought that might be the case, too. But back when I wrote this piece, I reached out to Jo Diaz, Exec Director of PS I Love You, the petite sirah advocacy group, and invited her to join in a fun game of reverse engineering the source. She, in turn, reached out to Dave Pramuk, owner/partner of Robert Biale Vineyards, who jumped in, too. After a little back and forth, we came up with the guess above. This is all conjecture and in the name of fun, mind you. But in the process, I learned enough about Biale's sources - and demands - to exclude them as a possible source. With scores into the 90's, Biale is moving plenty of product without bulking out to CHW.



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