Friday, August 3, 2012

Ever Tasted Jalapeño In Wine?

As if we needed more evidence of 2010 being a tough year in California, this disappointment was a bitter pill to swallow.  Literally.

The normally infallible Rodney Strong, long considered a reliable source for both values and higher-end bottlings, delivers a bite to the back of the throat with the current release of its usually fantastic Charlotte's Home Sauvignon Blanc.  If you're expecting fresh cut grass, unripe Grannysmith apple, and a bracing dose of crisp acidity, not this year.  A distinct jalapeño component obscures what little varietal fruit is under the screw cap.

Maybe we've finally found a wine that goes well with Mexican.  Or maybe this is just one to steer clear of.

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  1. Actually, I love the taste of jalapeno in Sauvignon Blanc!! I have found it only in New Zealand Sauv Blancs though. Will have to try this one.


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