Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Boring But Important Update

The Supreme Court heard arguments today on Tennessee v Blair, explained in Eric Asimov's article from last week.  To get a handle on what happened, I turned to SCOTUS blog.

The well-written (if on the geeky side) analysis of today's arguments suggests that today's arguments and commentary give little indication of which way the justices will lean on this, and that - as is the norm - we won't learn of the Court's decision until sometime this summer.

My money is on the status quo.  But wouldn't it be wonderful if I were wrong!

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  1. Joel P IannuzziJanuary 17, 2019

    I listened to an interview with the SCOTUS reporter from either the WSJ or Bloomberg yesterday who was in the courtroom. His take was that the justices seemed to be leaning in favor of the Commerce Clause vs. the 21st Amendment (repealing Prohibition) which gave the states control over sales. Gorsuch, however, raised the potential issue of Amazon-type companies taking over the alcohol business and making it national in scope. It's these competing interests that always make for tough court decisions.


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